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Agricultural tourism greenhouse
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The Agricultural Sightseeing Greenhouse is a high-tech agricultural boutique theme park integrating sightseeing, technology display and popular science education. It integrates garden art, horticultural landscape, cultivation technology and regional culture organically. Taking the modern greenhouse as the carrier, according to the principles of landscape planning and tourism planning, using modern high-tech agricultural science and technology to rationally integrate and layout natural landscape (mainly crop-based) elements, human landscape elements and landscape engineering elements making it a new type of agriculture with a complete landscape system and tourism functions.


Advantage characteristics

Agricultural tourism parks are more attractive to tourists than ordinary parks, but the key is to characterize, innovate and manage.

The Agricultural Sightseeing Park is mainly engaged in the production of flowers, vegetables, livestock, poultry and fish. It is very rich in sightseeing varieties and can be continuously changed. Its products can also be picked and sold.


The Agricultural Tourism Park can display the farming methods from primitive agriculture, traditional agriculture to modern agriculture in real life and pictures with far-reaching historical and cultural connotations.

The participation of agriculture and farming atmosphere is very strong.

These are the advantages and characteristics that the general park cant match. At the same time, it is possible to combine garden art with the art of landscaping to truly reflect the innovative model of the agricultural park.

The sightseeing greenhouses we produced have been applied in many agricultural parks in China.


Creative concept editing

1. Emphasis on the participation of agricultural tourism greenhouse leisure landscape

The so-called participation is to let the tourists come inside and the body directly touch the landscape and become part of the landscape.

In the initial agricultural sightseeing greenhouse leisure landscape design, the most commonly used construction method is to build rockery, plant tropical plantsand lay green grass to ensure that the four seasons of flowers are open or evergreen. From the leisure landscape that simply satisfies the appreciation to the leisure landscape that is highly participatory is an inevitable trend in the design of agricultural sightseeing greenhouse leisure landscape. Negotiating in the small space enclosed by the plant wall, soaking the body and mind in the hot spring surrounded by green plants and setting up special pieces for taking pictures can increase the participation of tourists and the landscape in the greenhouse. Such a landscape design not only plays a decorative aesthetic effect but also participates in the activity effect. It is more humanized and can enrich the experience of the tourists.


2. Promote the promotion and application value of agricultural sightseeing greenhouse technology landscape

On the one hand, the agricultural tourism greenhouse technology landscape design shows the diversification of modern agricultural development and the ambiguity of future agriculture. On the one hand, it shows the exploration and innovation of agricultural science and technology workers and horticultural landscape designers in the agricultural field. At present, the form of scientific and technological landscapes adopts a variety of plant cultivation methods and technical support, especially some three-dimensional cultivation methods with beautiful appearance and unique characteristics. As a platform, the agricultural sightseeing greenhouse technology landscape should be developed in the form of landscape and technology and strive to increase the yield and quality of crops in the direction of space, mechanization, automation and factory.


Environmental concept editor

Environmental protection refers to the general term for various actions taken by human beings to solve real or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between people and the environment and to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society. The means and methods of environmental protection can be based on many aspects such as engineering technology, administrative management, legal, economic and publicity and education.


With the deepening of the understanding of landscape design in urban and rural construction, the idea of green ecology and low-carbon and environmentally-friendly urban and rural development has been confirmed. The low-carbon and environmentally-friendly landscape is the trend of the times. It is the responsibility of the landscape architect to construct a suitable sightseeing environment. The low-carbon and environmentally-friendly landscape design will also become an important part of the green design of agricultural tourism greenhouses. It is necessary to seize the opportunity to grasp any link in design and construction and strive for low carbon, low energy consumption and environmental protection.


In the aspect of agricultural sightseeing greenhouse landscape design, starting from the greenhouse construction stage, we should proceed from the concept of environmentally friendly low-carbon and conduct research and land suitability analysis in terms of greenhouse material selection, power operation mode and management and maintenance costs. At the landscape design stage, designers should thoroughly investigate and understand the use group, age stage and frequency of use of the sightseeing greenhouse; pay attention to plant localization to improve the survival rate and adaptability of landscape plants, especially in the circulation and utilization of water bodies in greenhouses. Work hard and consider as many aspects as possible to reduce energy consumption and truly achieve the goal of creating a low-carbon and environmentally friendly landscape.

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