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Ecological restaurant
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Eco-restaurants are also known as greenhouse restaurants, sunny restaurants, casual restaurants and natural restaurants. These restaurants are produced by planting greenhouses which are characterized by the cultivation or decoration of plants, flowers and plants, as well as the construction of various landscapes. However, the meaning of each name is different. The greenhouse restaurant is developed on the basis of greenhouse. It is characterized by the temperature and humidity can be adjusted to the comfort range of the diners; the sun restaurant is characterized by sunlight as the energy; The meaning of casual restaurant is broader and there is no clear indication of the nature of the restaurant. The author believes that among the several names, the name eco-restaurant is the most scientific and reasonable accurately description of the personality of such restaurants. It is also the most promising and sustainable restaurant industry.

    The eco-conservatory restaurant is a product of the perfect combination of modern facility agriculture and green catering. It is a large-scale greenhouse building which is people-oriented, catering-oriented and landscape-oriented. It makes the greenhouse light, convenient, clear and architectural versatility incorporate into one. the restaurant has a green and natural environment, which ¡°micro-scales¡± and ¡°artizes¡± the colorful ecological landscape of nature. It integrates the knowledge of architecture, landscape architecture, facility horticulture, ecology and other related disciplines for planning, design and construction and uses the facility control technology and agronomic cultivation techniques to maintain the beautiful environment of the restaurant, forming green landscape plants and vegetables. The plant configuration pattern is supplemented by fruits, flowers, grasses, medicines and bacteria, combined with the garden landscape of rockery, waterfall, bridge and water, and bamboo pavilion, providing a green, beautiful, comfortable, leisurely and pleasant dining environment for and safe and delicious ecological (organic) foods for the diners. Get rid of the limitations of traditional greenhouses for planting only by dopting the sustainable operation mode of energy conservation, water saving, residue, waste recycling and environmental protection measures so that the greenhouse has catering,viewing, leisure, entertainment , green food promotion , energy saving and environmental protection functions.

The general ecological restaurant is far away from the downtown area and has a large space. The restaurant is divided and decorated with green plants or flowers. The environment is quiet and the diners have the feeling of being in a paradise. Some eco-restaurants are built in self-sufficient agricultural parks or farms with vegetables, fish, meat and other foods. They can realize the ecological model of recycling by planting(providing fresh fruits and vegetables for the restaurant, vegetable leaf waste for breeding and organic waste for biogas fermentation), breeding. (providing fish and meat for the restaurant and manure for biogas fermentation), restaurants (providing residual food for breeding, organic waste and wastewater for biogas fermentation), biogas (providing high-quality fertilizer for planting and biogas for restaurants energy) which helps to promote social harmony and sustainable development and should be a catering industry that be supported to develop.

The general ecological restaurant needs to have the following conditions: intelligent control of greenhouses, natural environment, ecological food, energy conservation, water conservation, recycling of waste and other environmental protection measures.


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